Decended from Religous Separatists and Free Thinkers

Our Familial Roots

The founders of the First Christ Ministry have direct familial lineage back to the discovery of the New World and the founding of the in the United States of America dating back to the first settlers of the New World whom established a new set of rules for self-governance, the Mayflower Compact, when the settlers landed in what was then called Plymouth Colony and is now known as the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The significance of the Mayflower compact is such that it was the first document to establish a new self-government in the New World, paving the way for the rule of Law and made by the People. This established the tradition of colonists creating their own laws and local governments.

At the core of the document was the overwhelming rejection of a national church or "approved" religious spectrum, bringing together multiple religious backgrounds as to prevent the dissent amongst Puritans and non-separatist Pilgrims, whom had just landed in the New World. Scholars agree that it could be said that the Mayflower compact reflects the founding principles of our nation, including:

  • Government at the consent of the governed.
  • Religious freedom, and rejection of a national religion.

Many of the earliest ancestors of the First Christ Ministry include those individuals and their families whom were first to arrive in the New World as documented members of the Leiden Separatist Congregation, as well as free-thinkers whom defiantly believed that the State should have no power over people's religious convictions.

With the spirit of our ancestors, the First Christ Ministry viciously defends and advocates for the religious freedoms, separatist attitude from the traditional Church, and free-thought of individuals across the world.